We supply UK grown green oak decking to the UK market

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What We Do

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We supply UK-grown green oak decking to the UK market. All of our oak is locally sourced from FSC certified (or equivalent) sources and we mill the timber at our sawmill site in Norfolk. We work for both commercial and private clients, providing oak decking exactly as our clients want it, suitable for use in every outdoor situation. We can apply anti-slip finishes including profiled decking and bauxite anti-slip strips. All of our decking has rounded edges and stress relieving grooves cut into the bottom.

The Company History

Several Decades Working With Oak

UK Oak Decking is part of Quercast Sawmilling, a hardwood sawmill based in Norfolk. Primarily we work with oak and our flagship product is our oak decking, leading to the formation of www.ukoakdecking.co.uk. At Quercast Sawmilling we mill locally grown hardwoods for the UK market, ranging from feather edged cladding through to structural oak… and everything in between. Quercast Sawmilling was born from a need for a reliable UK hardwood sawmill to supply timber for The Wild Deck Company, our parent company that specialises in the creation of bespoke timber structures in natural settings such as boardwalks and bird hides.

Even further back in time, The Wild Deck Company was formed due to demand for wooden structures that originated from our bespoke wooden play equipment company, Flights of Fantasy Creative Play. Flights of Fantasy was the vision of our founder, Russell Bowlby, and begun when Russell decided to transition from the restoration of listed buildings to play equipment after the adoration received by the first playhouse he built for his sons in the late 1980s. The companies are all based in Norfolk, carrying out most of our work at our workshop in Dersingham, although we do also have a couple of local sites for storage and milling.

In short, we’ve been working with wood for decades and the formation of UK Oak Decking was an organic progression.

Original Tudor Cottage
Flights of Fantasy
Wild Deck Company
Quercast Sawmilling

Why Use Oak Decking?

Conclusions From Decades Of Experience

We have been working with different timbers for decades, covering hardwoods, softwoods, modified timbers, and various wood treatments. Through our vast experience, we have come to favour UK grown oak as our favourite timber for the following reasons:

– Oak is rated as durable, meaning it has an expected life expectancy of 15-25 years without treatment –
– Using untreated timber reduces any negative impact upon the environment from harmful wood preservatives –
– Locally grown oak reduces any negative impact of transport on the environment –
– We use FSC (or equivalent) sources, ensuring sustainable timber usage –

To summarise, British oak is a hardy timber that can survive outdoors for multiple decades whilst being kind to the environment. What more could you ask for?

Environmental Sustainability

We Are Committed To Operating In A Sustainable And Responsible Way

Working with wood, the environment is at the heart of everything we do and we take environmental sustainability very importantly. Without doing so, our business would not exist. We source timber only from local FSC (or equivalent) sources, meaning that we are minimising the environmental impact in terms of transport and using timber that has been grown, logged, and replanted in a sustainable manner. As oak does not need preservatives used in softwoods, our decking will not leech harmful chemicals into the environment when it does reach the end of its lifespan.

We also endeavour to use all by-products, re-sawing what we can and chipping unusable offcuts for biomass boilers. Our sawdust is bagged and recycled, often being used for animal bedding or mulch, and we will continue to take all of the steps we can to ensure a positive and sustainable future.

UK Delivery

We Can Arrange Delivery Across The UK Or You Can Pickup From Us

We deliver oak decking across the UK. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up timber from our sawmill or workshop site in Norfolk. To arrange delivery or pickup, please get in contact with us and we can discuss the available options.