We supply UK grown green oak decking boards, joists, posts and handrails, cut to order, for private & commercial purposes

Do You Need Oak Decking?

Choose Your Decking Profile

We can supply oak decking boards with anti-slip profiles and grip-deck strips to offer maximum slip resistance.


Traditional Design
Stress Release Grooves
Rounded Edges


Anti-Slip Grooved Finish
Stress Release Grooves
Rounded Edges


Anti-Slip Fluted Finish
Stress Release Grooves
Rounded Edges

Grip Decked

Anti-Slip Bauxite Strips
Stress Release Grooves
Rounded Edges

Green Oak Decking Boards Cut To Order

We cut oak decking boards to your exact requirements, offering UK-wide delivery for private and commercial clients.

Available Dimensions

Our typical decking board thickness is 25-42 mm with a width of 125-200mm, but as we cut everything to order we can saw beyond these dimensions.

Decking Length

Our oak decking is available is same length or mixed length packets, dependent upon your needs. Typically we supply oak decking in lengths up to 3.5m.

UK Delivery

We offer delivery across the UK. Please contact us for a quote on delivery. Alternatively we can arrange pickup of decking from our sawmill.

Private & Commercial Use

Oak Decking For Every Occasion

No matter whether you need oak decking for private or commercial use, we are here to meet your needs.

Below is a small selection of examples of where our oak deckings are typically used.


Viewing Areas




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